Our privacy policy describes how we collect and use information and what choices you have. One of the methods by means of which we collect information is the use of so-called cookies. Cookies are used on for various purposes.
In IT jargon, however, a cookie is something completely different. If you use the Internet, you use a so-called browser (e.g. Safari from Apple or Google Chrome). Most websites store a little text in the browser - this text is called a cookie.
We use cookies for many important things on, e.g. they help you to log in easily and adapt to your interests. The following explains how we use cookies.
Personalization Cookies allow us to remember which posts, profiles, pages, users or websites you have interacted with so that we can display related content that you may like. In addition, advertisers can use cookies to select advertisements that are relevant to you. For example, if you have bought a tent from an advertiser, he can ask us to show you advertising for a camping stove. Learn more about the types of information advertisers share with us.
Cookies allow us to store your settings and preferences, such as your preferred language and privacy settings. Login Cookies allow you to login to and logout from Security Cookies are only one method by which we protect you from security risks. You help us to detect possible hacker attacks on your account or the spread of spam in the community.
With cookies we can make better and more interesting. These cookies tell us, for example, how many users use a particular function and how popular it is, or whether users open e-mails sent by us. Cookies also enable advertisers to track who sees and responds to their advertising or who visits their website or purchases their products.
Service provider
Sometimes we use security specialists or third party analysis to better understand how is used. Just like us, these third parties may use cookies. Find out more about the third parties we work with. Where we use cookies We use cookies on our website, in our mobile apps and in our products and services (e.g. advertisements, e-mails and applications). We also use them on the websites of partners who use the "Remember" button, widgets or advertising tools such as conversion tracking.
Your choices You have various choices regarding the use of cookies on in the section for customising your settings you can decide whether we may use information from our partners and other services to customise for you. Further information. There are probably several cookie options available through your browser. For example, most browsers allow you to block third-party cookies, i.e. cookies from websites other than those you are currently visiting. These options vary from browser to browser. For more information, see your browser settings. Some browsers also have a "Do not track" privacy setting that we support. This setting offers you another way to decide whether we may use information from our partners and other services to customize for you.
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